Joe (erebrandir) wrote in the_south,

Now with the rest of you!

Whee, just remade the icon, this time including Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

For the three of you who cared enough to vote, is this better?


For the rest of you who didn't vote, where are you?

Tags: administrivia, icon
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i dunno what it is... something just doesnt look right to me about it. I did vote ;)
If you can figure it out, let me know, and I'll try to fix it.
The hole in FL looks funny. I mean, it's accurate and all, but it looks funny. And the colors are a little off.

I like it otherwise
Looks good to me.
Honestly, I don't give a damn what our icon looks like. That's why I haven't been voting.
Looks great to me :)
I think it looks aight. So, that's a yes.
I cast a vote for the flag.
Excuse me honey. First off Virginia is the SOUTH always has been and always will be darling.
Please review the following link
Just what states are southern is controversial and depends on the time period, but sweetheart let me assure I am a native Virginia and darling we are southern belles
I fixed the icon yesterday; see the latest post.
I was responding to the update and someone else's comment that Virginia wasn't the south. I was trying to be funny ...
You should look at the picture on the link that I sent. It shows Texas as part of the south and has the controverial states displayed as striped states. As far as I am concerned West Virginia is not a southern state. Before the civil was they were part of Virginia and separated from Virigina because of the was....ho hum...
Like I said which states are southern depends on the source.
I'm West Virginian and I agree with you geographically, but not culturally. We are Appalachian technically, but it's most often thought of a Southern. And since I got stuck in college in Northern Jersey, I'm considered phenominally Southern.

This is just my opinion, I'm not meanin' to be smart aleck.
damn strait


June 17 2006, 00:12:39 UTC 11 years ago

You forgot Maryland. Maryland is south of the line, and if you are going to include VA you gotta include MD. They both are border states, but pockets of both have areas that are extremely southern. Just saying that Maryland shouldn't be the only state south of the M-D line that you leave out.