harmoniouslife (harmoniouslife) wrote in the_south,

Saying Hello

I recently found this community and it was a happy discovery! (Even though it seems a little quiet... *poke poke*) Anyway, I thought I would introduce myself.

I'm a married mother of one three-year-old girl, living in Charlotte, NC. I was born in Alabama (Birmingham) and lived in "L.A." (meaning Lower Alabama, obviously) until I was five. We moved to Chattanooga for a couple years before landing in the Charlotte area, and I've been here ever since.

I've found myself consciously making an effort to retain those things about my Southern heritage that I hold dear. Especially since my daughter was born. The challenge is that in the Charlotte area we have a large number of folks from other parts of the country (especially the North) who have moved here. Consequently, many of the old Southern traditions have begun to fall by the wayside. I'm talking about little Southern courtesies like pulling your car over to let a funeral procession pass and holding the door open for others. Even the little wave that you give when someone lets you into traffic-- these are things I used to take for granted.

I should also mention that I married a Yankee from New Jersey, although he's been down here so long that he's almost completely assimilated our Southern ways. He's fully embraced Southern cooking-- I've converted him to collard greens and cornbread, and he talks about sweet potato casserole with something approaching reverence. (I still can't get him to eat pimento cheese, though...)

I wondered if any of you have similar challenges in retaining your Southern heritage. And what are your favorite things about the South/ being Southern?
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