Ride4TheBrand (ride4thebrand) wrote in the_south,

Southern Literature

Once at a book conference, a man from upstate New York asked me, "You're from the South? No kidding?" He grinned wickedly and then winked.

"I thought that people in the South couldn't read," he said.

Fury ran over my body but I kept it in check.

"Not only do we read," I replied icily, looking him straight in the eyes, "but most of the time, we write what the rest of the world reads."

~~ Ronda Rich

Who is your favorite Southern Author??
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Greg Iles.
....and Harper Lee and Margaret Mitchell (of course); Pat Conroy, Fannie Flagg, John Grisham, Lewis Grizzard, Shelby Foote, Rick Bragg.....oh hell, I love them all! I tried really hard to leave it at just one. It hurt me. Now I feel better.

Deleted comment

I've not read either one, but I'll put 'em on my list
I like Anne Rice. I like John Dufresne, Fannie Flagg, Ernest Gaines, and Shirley Ann Grau, just to name a few. There are SO many fantastic southern authors!
I would've hit him over the head with a Harry Crews novel - that would have been appropriate. I love so many Southern authors, there's just so dang many to choose from! My all time favorite is Flannery O'Connor (but, hey, a Faulkner novel would've knocked him out flat, dontcha think?)