Kelly Palka (ladybird7) wrote in the_south,
Kelly Palka

Oh, look, it's a Yankee

A little opener, true but stupid:
My cousin, who is from upstate New York like myself, lived down in Kentucky for about seven years. He'd been there for about five years when he noticed that his neighbors were still calling him "yankee" instead of Brian. This pertrubed him, and he asked his next door neighbor, "Why do you guys keep calling me Yankee? I've been down here for years now!"
To which his neighbor replied, "Yankee is like ugly. It doesn't go away no matter what covers it up!"

I was about eleven when I heard that story, and it has made me interested in the South's view of the North ever since. Just tonight, I found this community, and if I may, I'm going to ask a few things that have long danced in my head.

-Is Yankee an insult?

-What is the thought on Upstate New York, or do people from the south (or places that are not the Northeast) just think of the whole state as one big city? (or is it just not thought of at all?)

-When I was in North Carolina, the family I was with and I were kind of uncomfortable telling people where we were from, as it seemed to have an adverse effect. Shopkeepers watched us like hawks. We were just imagining things?

-Why the stereotype that we are rude? Because Northerners as a whole don't feel that way about themselves. There must be different standards of what is polite...what exactly are they, I wonder?

-When you think of the north, what are the stereotypes that float to mind, as far as people, culture, geography. Since I live here I probably see things that others do not, and i probably am blind to other things that I just accept as normal.

Clearly, since Yankee doesn't seem to go away and I don't want it to, I am a Yankee for life. I have no drawl, I like bagels, I like the Yankees (yay, stereotype time!) No matter how far down in Dixie I should travel, I know that New York and Vermont will come with me. I just thought it would be best to get to know how 'we' are perceived. I hope you guys don't mind my barging in here.

-Excelsior! (I am so lame)
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