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This community is for the discussion of the American South in all of its aspects: its history, its geography, its culture.

It's a place for Southerners to share their own slice of Southern pie, and take pride in their rich heritage. Not a Southerner? You're welcome here, too. This is a place to tell stories, to discuss views of the South, to share experiences of being a Southerner or visiting the South, to learn about the South and better understand it and its people.

Have a unique Southern custom you'd like to share? Perhaps a favorite Southern dish? Any family legends or traditions? Southern sayings and colloquialisms? This is a melting pot of Southern culture. Tell us about your family, places you've lived or visited, people you've known, things you've seen, heard, or done.

Are you interested in Southern history? You're in the right place. Discuss all topics from colonial days to modern times, including the Southern colonies, the American Revolution, the early republic, politics and the sectional crisis, slavery, the Civil War, emancipation, Reconstruction, and the civil rights movement; American Indians, Europeans, Africans, men, women, children, planters, small farmers, statesmen, generals — it's all here.

Come on in, pull up a chair and sit a spell. Y'all are all welcome here.

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